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About IER

Ignite Energy Resources (IER)

IER are the global leaders in hydrothermal upgrading technology. Our proprietary Cat-HTR platform is providing a bridge to a lower carbon future and is now commercial-ready with global joint-ventures across resources and renewables.

Cat-HTR is a breakthrough technology proven at large scale to convert a wide range of feedstocks from waste and non-edible biomass, end of life plastics, used lubrication oil and lignite, into the world’s first stable biocrude or synthetic crude oil.

Cat-HTR Technology – Fuels and chemicals from low-cost feedstocks, wastes and residues

Using water at near supercritical temperatures, the Cat-HTR converts a wide variety of low-cost and waste feedstocks into high-value products, without the need to dry feedstock prior to processing.

Our Cat-HTR platform has been extensity tested, and conservatively scaled up, over the past nine years to its current commercial-ready module, located on the NSW Central Coast, Australia.

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