Gippsland Gas

Gippsland Gas
Gippsland Gas Pty Ltd (GGPL) operates inside the same Victorian exploration license as Ignite resources (EL 4416) and has a large P50 Contingent Resource of 3.7 trillion cubic feet (“TcF”) of natural gas. GGPL is well positioned to benefit from a forecast supply deficit of natural gas in Victoria.

About Biogenic Natural Gas

Table 1: EL 4416 Biogenic Coal Seam Gas Resources Click on image to see larger version
The deeper lignite seams within EL 4416 contain biogenic natural gas, which is created by microbial activity within the lower-rank coal. In general, biogenic natural gas:
  • Is stored within the coal seams by hydrologic pressure, so that gas is released when the water pressure is removed,
  • Is of pipeline-quality gas that could be sold into conventional natural gas pipelines,
  • Is made up of nearly 100% methane gas, but may contain minor quantities of other gases, and
  • Is associated with large volumes of fresh water (contained in the coal seams) that can be used for livestock and irrigation without significant treatment.

World-class natural gas resources located on infrastructure

EL 4416 is a large +3,800km2 exploration licence located in Victoria’s Gippsland Basin, one of Australia’s most prolific and mature petroleum provinces. Just 200km from Melbourne, the massive 3.7TCF 2C natural gas resource occurs in a region that is connected to pipeline infrastructure and is close to existing oil refineries. The Gippsland Basin has been deemed the most prospective part of Victoria for natural gas by the Victorian Government.