Ignite Resources

Ignite Resources

Ignite Resources – The technology to upgrade lignite into Synthetic Crude Oil and products with lower emission applications

Ignite Resources uses the patented Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR) technology to upgrade lignite into synthetic crude oil (Syncrude) and a metallurgical-type coal, with lower emission applications. Ignite Resources also own the exploration rights to an extensive lignite deposit in Victoria (EL4416) which represents 44% of Australia’s and 8% of the world’s economically recoverable lignite.1 This represents a significant opportunity in terms of a contingent oil resource, with a recent professional assessment estimating a Contingent Resource at Gelliondale (see below table) of 927.1 million barrels of synthetic crude oil.2

High value end products from the Cat-HTR process

The Cat-HTR upgrading platform, when applied to lignite, produces three valuable products:

  1. Synthetic Crude Oil (Syncrude), refinable to drop in fuels
  2. Micronised Refined Carbon (MRC), used in steel production and lower emission power production
  3. Valuable synthetic chemicals, used in a broad range of applications including plastics production

Unlocking the value of lignite

The Cat-HTR process has the potential, therefore, to significantly uplift the value of not just Ignite Resource’s world-class lignite resource, but also the world’s lignite resources.

The unique Cat-HTR upgrading platform unlocks the value of lignite resources and gives a pathway forward to a lower carbon future.

Cat-HTR applied to lignite, as a comparison to the Canadian tar sands

Technology was developed during the 1980’s to successfully extract and upgrade the tar from the Canadian tar sands to create synthetic unconventional crude oil. This has resulted in Canada now having the worlds’ third largest oil reserve (at 27 billion barrels).

Despite its wider distribution lignite is today largely an orphaned low value and non-exportable/traded resource due to its high moisture content and its tendency to spontaneously combust. For these reasons lignite is often used at the mine mouth as a low cost but high carbon dioxide emitting power production.

Ignite Resources is revolutionising the unconventional oil market by unlocking the value of a globally available lignite and converting it into high-value, high-energy density and exportable Syncrude.

Table 2 below represents our resource:

Table 2: EL 4416 JORC-Compliant Lignite Resource (Billion Tonnes)
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For more information on lignite, unconventional oil and our products, please see our FAQ section

1 World Oil Council, 2013.
2 Gaffney Cline & Associates report of Gelliondale resource November 2014, numbers based on 3C/ High Case.