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Cat-HTR Technology – a bridge to a lower carbon future

IER are the global leaders in hydrothermal upgrading having pioneered the technology with their proprietary Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR).

The Cat-HTR is only hydrothermal upgrading platform proven at large scale to rapidly upgrade a wide variety of low-cost feedstocks, waste streams and residues into high-value products, such as synthetic crude and chemicals.

Compared to other upgrading technologies, such as pyrolysis and gasification, the Cat-HTR platform requires less energy and is therefore helping bridge to a lower carbon future.

The Cat-HTR Advantage: Embracing water as the agent of change

Water as the agent of change

Using water at near supercritical temperatures, the Cat-HTR converts a wide variety of low-cost and waste feedstocks into high-value products, without the need to dry feedstock prior to processing.

Our Cat-HTR platform has been extensity tested, and conservatively scaled up, over the past nine years to its current commercial-ready module, located on the NSW Central Coast, Australia.

Low-cost and waste feedstocks to high value products

Using the unique and proprietary Cat-HTR platform IER have produced the world’s first stable biocrude and synthetic crude oil (Syncrude).

IER’s biocrude and synthetic crude can be refined, using conventional refinery infrastructure, to biofuel, fuels and chemicals.

The versatility of the Cat-HTR platform has been extensively proven across a wide range of low-cost and waste feedstocks including wood waste, lignite and end of life plastics.

  • End of life plastics to Syncrude
  • Waste biomass to Biocrude and Biochemicals
  • Lignite to Syncrude, MRC (metallurgical-grade coal) and Chemicals
Cat-HTR Versatility